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Introducing MAMTC Bills Payment Facility, a better and easier way to top-up on your MAMTC UITFs!

     •  Go to any of over 1,000 BDO branches to top-up over-the-counter.

     •  Even better, if you are a BDO Online Banking Client, top-up online through

Client still needs to scan and e-mail a filled out and signed MAMTC Subscription Form.
Transactions done via Bills Payment is considered collected by MAMTC one business day after the Bills Payment transaction date.




STEP 1: Pay Over-the-Counter or Online

Via Over-the-Counter

     •  Go to the nearest  BDO Branch to fill out the bills payment (BP) slip

     •  Write “Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corporation” as Biller, CIF Number as Subscriber Number,
        Client’s Name as  Subscriber Name, and the Amount of Investment.

     •  Proceed to the teller to submit BP slip and cash or check subscription.


Via BDO Online Banking

     •  Log on to BDO Online Banking account.

     •  Proceed to “Enroll Company/Biller” section.

     •  From the drop-down list of all Company/Billers, choose “Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corporation” then indicates
        CIF number as Subscriber Number,  and Client Name as Subscriber Name.

     •  Once finished, the enrolment is automatically approved and Client can start investing immediately.

     •  Proceed to the “Pay Bills” section with Manulife Asset Management and Trust Corporation as Company/Biller.

     •  Indicate the amount to be transferred from  BDO account to MAMTC UITF.

     •  For subsequent top-ups/subscription, proceed directly to the “Pay Bills” section.


STEP 2: Submit MAMTC Subscription Form

     •  Fill-out the MAMTC Subscription Form.

     •  Scan and email the accomplished form to This step is important, as this is where the
        client will indicate the fund he intends to invest in.

Note: The bills payment facility is presently available only for peso transactions.