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Grow your INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO for as low as P1,000 per month!
Introducing, MAMTC’s Regular Savings Plan.


MAMTC’s Regular Savings Plan (RSP) is a savings and investment facility that allows clients to make regular contributions to their MAMTC Unit Investment Trust Fund.


     •  No need to go to the branch for payment

     •  Lower minimum top-up required

     •  Automated planned top-up

Cost averaging platform

     •  Take advantage of a proven investment strategy

     •  Disciplined investing




STEP 1:  

Fill out and sign a MAMTC RSP Form and Auto Debit Enrollment (ADA) Form 
Auto Debit Arrangement is available for BDO and Security Bank account holders. Click here to download the forms.


For downloaded BDO-ADA form, please sign all pages of the form.

STEP 2:   Submit the MAMTC RSP Form and ADA Enrollment form to the Manulife branch CSO or to your Wealth Specialist.

For new MAMTC UITF accounts, be sure to include all the usual account opening requirements. MAMTC and the Bank will check and process the request. Minimum initial investment shall apply.

STEP 3:   Check email for the status of your enrollment.

Turn-around time for the completion of enrollment is 14 business days.