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Manulife iFunds

Accessing your Manulife Investment Management account is now easier!

Monitor your investments anytime, anywhere through Manulife iFunds. With this online tool, you can:

Track and monitor your investment portfolio

     Track your investment account

View/download your transaction history

     Transact online

Modify your investment accounts online

     View or download your transaction history

How to access Manulife iFunds:


  • Click here to open a new Manulife Investment Management Account. Type 300000 in the space provided for Wealth Specialist code.
  • Click here to log-in to your existing Manulife iFunds account.
  • Click here if you have forgotten your Manulife iFunds password or to register your existing Manulife Investment Management account


View demo videos

 •  How to open an account

 •  How to subscribe funds

 •  How to switch funds

 •  How to redeem